How To Prepare For A Career As A Car Accident Lawyer Beginning In College

Posted on: 20 September 2016


Working as a car accident lawyer can be a rewarding and lucrative career. As an auto accident attorney, you get to represent people who were injured and had property damaged -- and you'll likely be financially rewarded each time you're successful. According to AllLaw, auto accident attorneys typically receive between 25 and 40 percent of their claimants' settlements. The field is competitive, though, and you'll need to start preparing as soon as possible. If you want to be a car accident lawyer, here are some things you can do while in college to get ready for your future career.

Learn How to Negotiate Wherever You Go

According to Nolo, most car accident cases don't go to trial. They are either settled before a lawsuit is filed or between when a lawsuit is filed and a trial begins. Even as a car accident lawyer, most of the cases you take on likely won't go to trial. Instead, you'll settle them outside of court -- which mean's you'll need to negotiate the settlement amount.

Having strong negotiating skills is essential when you're discussing out-of-court settlements. You'll likely learn negotiation tactics during law school, but you can begin studying the art of negotiation while you're an undergraduate student. You can begin by reading a book on negotiation strategy, taking a class on negotiation (if your school offers one), or even just playing a board game. Monopoly is a classic board game that involves negotiations, but just about any board game that involves trading would work.

Get Public Speaking Experience

When a suit does go to trial, you'll need to present your client's case before a judge or jury. How adept you are at public speaking will, at times, influence their perception of what you have to say. If you can't communicate clearly, concisely and confidently, your client may suffer.

To learn public speaking, get up in front of your classmates whenever you can. In addition to class presentations, you may be able to join a debate team, give speeches as a class officer or become the spokesperson for a campus-based group.

Lead an Organization -- Any Organization

The most successful lawyers become partners, which means they become part owners -- and leaders -- of the firm they work in. To reach this stage, you'll need dedication, skill, and determination. You'll also need to know how to lead people, as you'll have lawyers, paralegals, administrators, and others working under you.

College is a great place to learn leadership skills, as there are plenty of opportunities. Simply become involved in a group, and dedicate yourself to it. You can join a fraternity or sorority, sports team, religious group, or any organization. You might not have a leadership role your freshman year, but by the time you're a senior you should have a significant position within the organization.

Meet Your Professors' Deadlines -- All the Time

When it comes to deadlines, college truly is accurate preparation for real-world situations that lawyers face. As a car accident lawyer, you'll have to submit papers by mandated deadlines. If you don't, you may jeopardize your client's case. 

You can start to get in the habit of meeting all your deadlines by turning your schoolwork in on time -- even when you're faced with unexpected circumstances. Instead of going to your professor and asking for an extension if you can't meet a deadline, learn to plan ahead and stick to a schedule. You'll have an easier time meeting deadlines while in college, and you'll also be preparing yourself to meet deadlines set by judges and fixed by laws once you have cases.

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