Four Reasons Your Doctor Is Needed When Filing A Disability Claim

Posted on: 14 September 2017


Having a good doctor is ideal no matter what your health situation is like, however, it's even more critical when you are trying to file a disability claim. The main reason for this is that the Social Security office relies heavily on medical documentation in order to process your claim. Here are four major reasons you need your doctor when filing a disability claim:

  1. Help Identify Your Condition: When you file a claim with the Social Security office, they aren't going to know what your condition is since they are not medical experts. This is why you have to provide more information than just the medical term for your condition. Your doctor can provide a thorough sheet of information about your medical condition that can help the Social Security office processing your claim better understand it, thus understanding the reason behind your need for the benefits. 
  2. Help With Your Application: There are instances where the Social Security office may ask that you provide certain documents. You doctor can help you get these documents in place. You may need certain tests or a meeting with certain medical professionals. Your doctor will set this up for you and ensure that all medical documents are efficient. 
  3. Help You With Testimony: It always helps to have testimony from your doctor claiming their reasoning behind why they feel you need the benefits. The more evidence, the better, and this is just the icing on top that can help your case tremendously. 
  4. ​Help You in the Future: When you continue to see your doctor, you can continue to use their testimony to describe your limitations from your disability since it can become worse over time. There's a chance that you need to file a claim for further disability benefits that you weren't receiving previously either because you were able to continue working with a pay cut and now you are no longer able to work at all, or you were only receiving a certain amount with the belief that you could find further work but can't because of the deterioration of your health. 

When you know the four reasons your doctor is needed, you can see why you need a doctor right away when dealing with the process of filing a disability claim. It must be a doctor you are comfortable with and works hard to help you receive a better quality of life even if it means providing testimony in your defense. For more tips on strengthening your defense, talk to an attorney at firms like Diamond Law Offices.