Theme Parks And Personal Injury

Posted on: 18 January 2018


Families across the country frequent theme parks during the warm summer months. While a trip to your local theme park should result in fun memories that will last a lifetime, there is always the potential that a seemingly-safe day trip could end in serious injury.

Theme parks are filled with potential hazards, and it's important that you are aware of these hazards so that you can avoid negligent behavior that might lead to an injury. Theme park management should be attending to the following details in order to ensure the safety of those visiting the park each day.

Ride Maintenance

Roller coasters can give riders the thrill of a lifetime, but these mechanical contraptions could become deadly if they are not properly maintained. Staff members and park engineers are responsible for inspecting rides on a regular basis, conducting performance tests, and investing in routine maintenance to ensure roller coasters remain safe.

If you become stranded on a malfunctioning roller coaster or sustain a serious injury while riding, an attorney will be able to help you determine if a lack of proper maintenance on the part of the theme park qualifies you for financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.


Your family will spend a significant amount of time walking when you visit a theme park. Navigating walkways between rides and meandering through public areas within the theme park might seem safe enough, but a slippery surface could result in a slip and fall that leaves you seriously injured.

Many theme park rides feature water elements that could lead to slipper surfaces. If you fall while visiting a theme park, have an attorney review the facts surrounding your injury to determine if the theme park was negligent in keeping walkways dry.

Employee Training

Theme park managers often employ teens or young adults to operate the various rides throughout the park. While these youngsters can serve as an affordable source of labor, they must be trained properly to ensure they understand how to operate rides responsibly in order to ensure the safety of theme park attendees.

Operator error could lead to serious injury, and your attorney will be able to check employee training records to determine if the operator responsible for causing the roller coaster you were injured on to malfunction received adequate instruction.

Don't be afraid to pursue legal action if you feel that inadequate maintenance, slippery surfaces, or poor employee training have contributed to any injury you sustain while visiting a theme park with your family this summer. Contact a law firm, like Alexander Law Group , for more help.