3 Things To Do If Your Teen Is In A Car Accident

Posted on: 25 February 2018


Now that your teen is driving, the last thing that you probably want to happen is to get a phone call saying that he or she has been involved in an accident. If this does happen, however, following these three steps can help you ensure that your teen handles the situation properly.

1. Give Them Advice on Handling the Situation

Knowing how to handle a car accident can be tricky for adults, and it can be even more difficult for inexperienced teenagers. Advising your teen about things like filing a police report, taking pictures of the evidence, and not saying anything incriminating can help him or her navigate the situation.

2. Ensure Your Teen Seeks Medical Attention

As a parent, the most important thing to you is probably to make sure that your teen is okay. Even if your son or daughter says that he or she is "fine" and does not need medical attention, it's not a bad idea to insist on ensuring that your teen goes to the emergency room or sees his or her regular doctor. Some car accident-related injuries might not show themselves right away. Additionally, your teen might try to act "tough" and as if nothing is wrong, even if there is. By having your teen seen by a doctor after the accident, you can help ensure that there are no medical concerns that need to be taken care of.

3. Hire a Lawyer

Dealing with a car accident and its aftermath can be tricky, and seeking legal representation can be a good idea. If the accident was your teen's fault, then you may need to hire a traffic offense attorney, like Teresa P Williams, to help him or her with the case. If the accident was not your teen's fault, then you may want to consider hiring an auto accident attorney who can help you ensure that your teen's medical bills and other expenses related to the accident are covered. By hiring an attorney, you and your teen can get legal assistance and advice every step of the way and can help ensure that the accident is handled properly.

Getting a phone call and being told that your teenager has been involved in a car accident can be a very upsetting thing. By following these three tips, however, you can help your teenage son or daughter get through this tough and scary situation in the best way possible.